Configure Appointment Details

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Booking Appointments

We offer a choice of pre-bookable appointments as well as reserving appointments for patients who need to be seen urgently each day.

We aim to offer you an appointment on the day you want one, although you may have to plan ahead if you want to see a particular GP or prefer a particular time.  

  • phone the surgery on 01439 788215, Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 6pm
  • visit the surgery and speak with a receptionist, Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 6pm
  • use your NHS Account login (through the NHS website or NHS App)
  • use your Patient Online Services login to access the online appointment system


Appointment Information

Appointments with a doctor are for 15 minutes to include writing up notes. If you think you need more than 15 minutes please let the receptionist know and we will try to arrange a longer appointment. If you have more than one item to discuss with the doctor make a list, it will help the doctor.

Nursing appointments are for 10 minutes but you may need longer. The receptionist may ask what the appointment is for so that they can allocate the appropriate amount of time with the most suitable member of staff. You do not have to tell the receptionist if you don’t want to.

The practice also offers some telephone appointments which can also be booked in advance.

Please let us know when you book your appointment if you need an interpreter or if you have any other access or communication needs

We have a patient booking-in system in the waiting room at Ampleforth Surgery. Please use the screen rather than wait at reception and follow the on-screen instructions. You will be asked only for your name and date of birth.

Cancelling or Changing an Appointment

To cancel or change your appointment


  • reply CANCEL to your appointment reminder text message
  • phone the surgery on 01439 788215, Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 6pm
  • visit the surgery and speak with a receptionist, Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 6pm
  • use your NHS Account login (through the NHS website or NHS App)
  • use your Patient Online Services login to access the online appointment system


Extended Access

Ampleforth & Hovingham Surgeries work alongside other GP surgeries in Ryedale to provide services 7 days per week. 

 Ampleforth Surgery regularly provides routine patient appointments outside of core hours: 

  • Tuesday up to 8pm
  • Selected Saturdays 10am - 5pm

Patients from Ampleforth & Hovingham Surgeries can also access appointments at Derwent Surgery, Sherburn & Rillington Surgery and West Ayton Medical Practice.

In order for you to be seen at one of these other practices within the Extended Access Service, you will need to consent to share your electronic medical record so that the teams at Derwent, Sherburn or West Ayton can access your full medical record.  You will be asked for your consent when you book an appointment and only with your consent, we will set up this share.  Unfortunately, without this consent, you cannot be seen anywhere other than your usual registered practice. 

Should you wish to book an appointment as part of the Extended Access Service, please contact the surgery on 01439 788215.

Help When We are Closed

If you need medical help now, use NHS 111 online or Call 111.

NHS 111 online is for people aged 5 and over. Call 111 if you need help for a child under 5.

Call 999 in a medical or mental health emergency. This is when someone is seriously ill or injured and their life is at risk.

Home Visits

Whilst we encourage our patients to come to the surgery, where we have the proper equipment and facilities available, we do appreciate this is not always possible. In this respect, if you do need a home visit, you can help us by calling reception as early on the day as possible.

You may only request a home visit if you are housebound or are too ill to visit the practice. Your GP will only visit you at home if they think that your medical condition requires it and will also decide how urgently a visit is needed. Please bear this in mind and be prepared to provide suitable details to enable the doctor to schedule house calls

You can also be visited at home by a community nurse if you are referred by your GP. You should also be visited at home by a health visitor if you have recently had a baby or if you are newly registered with a GP and have a child under five years.